Top 5 Jobs for After Military Service

So it seems like Military Personnel put so much effort into being the BEST OF THE BEST.  One would think that so many skills are obtained during service and could and should be put to good use.  So what’s out there in the job market and what does it pay?  When its time to “stand down” its also time to put skills to good use and lets be honest – money in your pocket.

Here are the top five jobs after military service.  The categories are pay and stability.

1.  Operations or Intelligence Analyst – Median Pay is $68,900 and the top earners are making $88,500.  Your security clearance is the golden ticket to a job with a defense contractor. Intelligence and operations offer a diverse set of opportunities – there are even international jobs to be had.  The 10 yr job growth percent is at 36%

2.  Network Systems Manager – Median Pay is $73,600 and the top earners are making $122,900.  You might manage network security systems or work on development, installation and modification of computer operating systems. Or you might deal with security and telecommunications issues. Almost every industry has jobs to fill.  The 10 yr job growth percent is at 38%

3.  Field Service Engineer – Median Pay is $74,900 and the top earners are making $86,900.  You’ll install, fix and maintain equipment at sites around the country, as well as repair and replace parts. You might also train others. You can work on just about anything that goes into a building or factory.  The 10 yr job growth percent is at 10%

4.  Operations Manager Logistics – Median pay is $82,500 and the top earners are making $105,200.  Logistics is a natural for vets, who have a good understanding of supply-chain procedures. There’s a broad range of work choices, from warehouses to ports to shipping-company hubs to the circus. You’ll monitor quality, cost and efficiency of moving goods (or tigers) from place to place and negotiate with customers and suppliers.  The 10 yr job growth percent is at 36%.

5.  Senior Trainer/Training Manager – Median pay is $83,500 and the top earners are making $104,300.  You’ve done this before, leading enlisted personnel through training and team building exercises. Technical trainers focus on equipment and computers. Business trainers touch on everything from procedures to branding. In addition to classroom work, you’ll design and implement programs, as well as research new training techniques.  The 10 yr job growth percent is at 26%

Everyone of these jobs pays above the national average of household income and get a B+ rating for stability.  It would also seem like a Veteran would love what they do and enjoy coming to work everyday.  I see those commercials about joining the military and they make it seem like you would be put on a great career path with tons of skills.  Well, based on this data they are correct.  I would assume that hard work and being personable would be a contributing factor to help with obtaining these jobs.  There are a lot of Military personnel who would qualify.  Being the best is usually picked, so BEST THE BEST and work hard.  The dividends payout!

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