Top 5 American WWII Weapons

It’s not a mystery that advances in technology and weaponry has made huge leaps in the past 30 years.  Let’s take a look back at some of the best American weapons during WWII that lead to many of the modern weapons.  The weapons used by the American Troops that served in WWII were instrumental in bringing peace and freedom to the U.S. and hundreds of other countries in the world.   This is our list of the top 5 American weapons used in WWII.


  1. M1A1 Bazooka/Rocket Launcher

The list has to begin with one of the original bazookas most commonly used by U.S. troops during WWII.  The M1A1 bazooka accounted for destroying multiple German tanks.  However, the bazooka fire team was not a coveted spot during the war due to extremely high casualty rates.  The bazooka fire team often had to expose their bodies in order to obtain a clear field of fire against any armored targets.

 2.  M3 Submachine Gun

This machine gun is more commonly referred to as the “Grease Gun” and has been used in countless WWII movies and documentaries including:  “Band of Brothers”, “The Dirty Dozen” and “Inglorious Bastards.”  The gun was a replacement for the M1 Thompson submachine guns and provided a lighter and more accurate weapon.

 3.  M1 Carbine Rifle

This rifle was one of the most commonly used American weapons during WWII and was a part of the standard issue to the American troops.  The M1 Carbine was popular because of its small size, light weight and firepower. Many troops who were unable to use a full-size rifle as their primary weapon effectively used the M1 Carbine.

 4.  Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)

The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was also a part of the standard issue and was the sole automatic fire support for an eight-man squad. All men were trained at the basic level how to operate and fire the weapon in case the designated operators were killed or wounded.  The BAR was most commonly used from a bipod, but also had the capability to be packed on the shoulder of a troop and fired on the move.

5.  M2-2 Flame Thrower

The portable M2-2 Flame Thrower was commonly used during WWII, but was quickly phased out with technological advances of tanks and their firepower.  The M2-2 Flame Thrower had a reach of approximately 20 meters and a burn time of approximately 7 seconds.


If there are any other American WWII weapons that you want to add, please comment under the post and add it to our list. 

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