Top 3 American Conspiracy Theories

Throughout the history of the United States of America, there have been many conspiracy theories presented and many widely accepted by the general population.  This blog post is NOT intended to provide evidence to support or discredit any theory but merely looks into our view of the 3 most popular and well-known conspiracy theories in American history.


1.      Roswell & Area 51

Roswell SIte Photo

U.S. culture has always been intrigued with the idea of UFO’s and alien encounters.  Roswell and Area 51 stories let the imaginations run wild.  Countless movies, documentaries, books, magazine articles, websites, blogs and personal accounts have discussed aliens/UFO’s encounters.  Roswell and Area 51 are usually at

the heart of the discussions.

The secretive military base, Area 51, is one of the most widely known and discussed conspiracy theories in the U.S.  Some of the typical discussion points include:

  • Has the U.S. government had contact with aliens?
  • Is the government hiding secret knowledge about alien encounters?
  • Have UFO’s been spotted in Roswell/Area 51?


2.      JFK Assassination

JFK Photography

Few moments in U.S. history have been more discussed than the assassination of JFK.  Conspiracy theorists endlessly argue the JFK assassination was a much larger scheme than a single crazed shooter.  The 1991 Oliver Stone film, “JFK”, brought many of the conspiracy theorists arguments to a larger audience.  Hundreds of other documentaries, books, and other media materials have discussed the events surrounding the fatal attack on JFK.

According to various government investigations and documents, Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted as the lone killer of JFK.  However, conspiracy theorists refuse to believe that Harvey acted alone.

The American public is very familiar with many of the key points discussed in the JFK conspiracy theory and recognizes key terms such as “the grassy knoll” and “the magic bullet.” Some of the typical discussion points include:

  • Was there another shooter from the grassy knoll?
  • Did the government attempt to cover up the real information? Or were they involved in the attack?
  • Could the “magic bullet” from Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle inflict multiple wounds?


3.      9/11 World Trade Center


Americans will never forget the events of 9/11. After 11 years, the image of the twin towers crumbling to the ground is still blazed in the memory of American citizens.

Conspiracy theorists have continued to investigate the various events surrounding 9/11 and suspicions and loose ends have spurred major controversy.

The key points debated in the 9/11 conspiracy arguments revolve around the government having prior knowledge to the attacks on the World Trade Center.  Some conspiracy theorists even claim that the U.S. government was responsible for the events surrounding 9/11.  Some of the typical discussion points include:

  • Did the government have prior knowledge of the events surrounding 9/11?
  • Did the government lead the attacks of 9/11?
  • Did the World Trade Center buildings fall or were they a part of a controlled government demolition?


If you do not agree with the list please comment on the post and tell us your Top 3 Conspiracy Theories in America.

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