The True Meaning of Memorial Day & How to Celebrate

Memorial Day is much more than a day for Bar-B-Que’s and mattress sales. Many traditions have been lost over the years, and some Americans may no know the true meaning of Memorial Day. The graphic below provides you more information about this National Day of Remembrance and what you can do to pay your respects to those brave heros who have died serving our nation during times of war. We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day. Please share with us in the comments what you do to celebrate. Click Image to Enlarge>> The True Meaning of Memorial Day & How to Celebrate by Low VA Rates Click Image to Enlarge>> SHARE To put this graphic on your web site, just highlight, and copy and paste the HTML code below:

2 thoughts on “The True Meaning of Memorial Day & How to Celebrate

  1. To the fallen you will never be forgotten,To the hero of all the war,s rest assure yourself you did what you had to do not even thinking of the word Hero.We made it back home only to be confronted by the dickheads who knew nothing about a War that will go down in history as the war where we were all hero,s and to keep our country free.God Bless the 52,265 that made the ultimate sacrifice. And to all of us who did make it back,living with the nightmares that still haunt us We Love You America and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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