VA Refinance Calculator

How Much Can You Save with a VA Home Loan Refinance?

Refinancing your home could help you get a better rate or a more favorable term on your loan. To find out how different changes might affect your monthly payment, use the calculator below.

Disclaimer: This calculator is for estimation purposes only. Calculated amounts are not a guarantee. For more accurate information about a refinance, you must talk to licensed loan officer.

Discuss Your Refinance with a Licensed VA Loan Officer

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Loan Calculator Key

Current Loan Balance – The total amount you still owe on your loan.

Credit Card Debt – This field is optional. Some types of refinances can give you cash you can use to pay off credit card and other debts.

Monthly Payment Amount – How much you pay each month towards reducing your credit card debt.

Other Debt to Consolidate – Another optional field for additional types of debt you'd like to pay off.

Monthly Payment Amount – The total amount you pay each month for your other debt obligations.

Home Improvements – Certain types of refinances, including a VA EEM refinance, can help you pay for upgrades that improve the efficiency and/or value of your home.

Total Cash Out – The total cash you'd like from your refinance that isn't tied to debt consolidation or home improvements.

Rate – The interest percent you'll be charged monthly. Refinancing may allow you to get a lower rate than your current mortgage, so keep that in mind while still being aware of what current rates are.

Property Taxes – A home expense that is usually set by the county you live in. Regardless of whether you pay these charges through an escrow or directly to the county, you should receive an annual property tax bill each year that will show what your property taxes are.

Homeowners Insurance – Often required by your lender, homeowners insurance helps cover the cost of your home in case of fire or other types of damage. You can contact your insurance agent to find out what your rate is.

Term – How much time you will have to pay off your loan.

The VA funding fee on your refinance will be affected if you have other VA loans. Refinancing using a VA IRRRL loan offers one of the best rates for determining the funding fee.

If the VA pays you 10% or more disability, they will waive the funding fee.