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Can We Do More to Help our Veterans?

Active Duty and Veterans Scholarships

According to the NCSL, over 900,000 veterans and active servicemembers received education benefits through the VA between 2000 and 2012. The NCSL also reports that “The majority of veterans on college campuses are “non-traditional” students. They are not entering straight from high school and are not dependent on their parents. Veterans are typically older than other students and have families.”


LINDON, Utah – Jan. 23, 2015 – As Low VA Rates awards their Winter 2014 Military College Scholarship to an Active-Duty Marine named Arsenio Tavarez, many other military members and veterans are finding a shortage of veteran scholarships available. Even with the Post-9/11 GI Bill in full effect, veterans pursuing a specialized degree or seeking to attend a specific school can find the ever-rising costs of tuition daunting. Tavarez, like many veterans, is trying to balance his military service, his education pursuits, and other demands on his time. Tavarez is a perfect example of what Low VA Rates looks for in their scholarship winners.


“We really look for a student that has very strong ties to the military and is looking to make a difference in their local community with their education.  We don’t really evaluate what the student is studying, but what they plan to do with their studies after they leave school.  We also look for someone who could really use the financial assistance, but is also striving to be self-sufficient.” Says Craig Walton, a representative from Low VA Rates.


Tavarez fits that description well; he is planning on starting full-time school while still on active duty, and already has detailed plans on how he is going to succeed even when his military service prevents him from attending classes or missing due dates. He is pursuing a difficult degree that will take much time and effort to accomplish.


“I plan on graduating from San Diego State with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering. The hope is that I can continue working on V-22 aircraft from an engineering perspective, and intertwine my knowledge of the aircraft with it’s future.”


Low VA Rates has been offering their scholarship twice per year since 2011, and offer $1,250 to each winner. Past winners and more information on the Low VA Rates Military Scholarship can be found on the Low VA Rates website.

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