Best Places in Arizona for Veterans to Live

Arizona is a very diverse state. It can range from warm weather in the desert to beautiful mountains and snow in the winter in some areas. Arizona is well known for a state to retire due the vast majority of the state being desert and warm. There are many great spots to live in depending on your preference. However, most popular cities for veterans to live in are Gilbert, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

Gilbert, AZ is one of the more popular places to live in. It has a population of only about 148,000 which deceives the number due to the fact of Gilbert being expanded over the last decade. There are many homes recently built in the last five to ten years. It is a warm climate that offers great amenities in the surround area and cities.

Because Gilbert has grown in the last ten years, veterans and homeowners that purchase there, usually get a home that is fairly new. This leaves for a great appraisal and smooth loan process with the VA Loan. There is usually nothing to be fixed or upgraded.

Due to the poor economy, house prices have come down quite a bit. This also allows a Veteran to get into a home cheaper than usual for a nice house. Many houses are built around big man mad lakes to enjoy in your backyard for a way to cool down during the warm months.

Another great destination for Veterans in Arizona has been Scottsdale. What attracts many people to Scottsdale is a variety of beautiful desert scenery. It has a population of 235,000 and is still growing. You can also find new homes fairly priced.

Another popular spot for Veterans is also is Mesa. This is the bigger of the cities that has grown vastly over the past decade. Many homes have been built over the last years and are fairly priced. Mesa is suburban and you will find all the amenities you need to live in today’s world. The population is 452,000.

There are many spots in Arizona that Veterans can enjoy living. The weather is warm. The state offers prime golf courses, vast desert scenery, skiing in the winter months in some areas of the state, and, of course, the historic Grand Canyon. If you are looking for pine trees and mountains you can head north to Pine Top, Arizona. There you will find many cabins, beautiful forest and mountains. The climate stays a little cooler due to elevation compared to the rest of the state.

Arizona attracts many retired veterans. They find they get quite a bit of house for the price nowadays. Also, many areas are fairly brand new.

So if you are looking to live in Arizona, these are some very nice areas to search for a house in. offers all Veteran financing made simple. Please let us know how we can accommodate your next purchase in Arizona.

If you choose to move to Arizona then using an Arizona VA loan is your best option.

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  1. I am a single Veteran,64 yrs.old looking for a small place to hang my hat. like to fish and play golf.I don’t nescessarly need to income is a little over $2000 a month.Thanks for your help.

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