10 Easy and Simple Tricks for Making Your Move Stress Free

  1. Before the packing starts consolidate and get rid of unused or unwanted items. If it’s still in the box from your last move or you haven’t used it in a year then you don’t need it and it’s time to get rid of it. Have a garage sale for those items and spend that cash celebrating a new start in your next home
  2. Always start packing accessories, photos, and decorative items first. Since these aren’t necessary to live with you can start packing them up several weeks before you move. Then it’s easy to see what’s left to be packed or gotten rid of before the big day.
  3. Pack your kitchen last and unpack it first. Nobody wants to hunt through boxes the morning after you move in just to try and find a glass or bowl. Unpack the kitchen the day you move in and you would be surprised at how much it cuts out your stress.
  4. Set up your bed second. After unpacking the kitchen the second thing to do is set up your bed frame, mattress, and clean sheets, which we recommend leaving unpacked in your car or suitcase for easy and quick access. This way, you can end your moving day with a better night’s sleep to help you the next day when the real unpacking begins.
  5. DIY or Movers? This is entirely personal preference. For those of you who being in control if it really will worry you to let someone else handle the moving then don’t. Enlist helpful friends and family and kindly and politely delegate tasks the way you would like them done. If you’re more of the care-free and laid back type that really dreads the whole process, then hiring movers might be the best way to stay organized, on time, and stress free.
  6. Good boxes. Start by consolidating any storage you might already have in plastic tubs or dresser drawers. Everything on top of the nightstand, like lotions, clocks, or pictures, can probably fit inside of the nightstand if you have drawers in it, and can save a box. If you are purchasing boxes make sure to get sturdy ones. A 32lb edge-crush test rating is good and they usually only cost about $1.
  7. Bring a cooler. It might seem silly, but you’ll be glad and so will anyone else helping you move when you bring a cooler stocked full of snacks, and cold beverages. Moving heavy items, or even just amount of walking around one does during a move burns many calories.  People can get low-blood sugar or dehydrated quickly causing tempers to flare and the stress level to rise. Calm it all down by simply bringing the cooler.
  8. Brown packing tape. Never use scotch, masking tape, or even duct tape. Invest in tape guns that fit your packing tape and you’ll be glad you did. Packing will be faster, smoother, and there will be less chance of your items coming unpacked during the move.
  9. Save newspapers and magazines as packing paper. You can even recycle it after you’re done. This will save you money, and keep your items secure. All you have to do is go empty the trash can or paper shredder in the home office to find lots of usable packing paper
  10. Mattress pads and Furniture bags. They are worth the money and the time it takes to put them on. These can literally save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by saving your couches, mattresses, grandma’s china cabinet, and any other expensive or valuable piece of furniture from getting holes, scratches, or becoming broken.

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