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Welcome to our VA Hybrid Loan Simulator.

Here at Low VA Rates we feel that the VA hybrid loan is one of the greatest financial tools available to eligible VA borrowers. Civilians do not have access to this loan. Regardless of your current thoughts about the “dreaded ARM loans”, please use this tool and we feel you’ll be surprised at what a great loan this is.

Step 1 - Current Loan Information

This is where you put the loan you're thinking about refinancing at this time. This information can be found on your note from closing.

Step 2 - New VA Hybrid Loan

This is where you set the initial term of your new VA Hybrid loan. Once set, you can then manipulate the rates beyond the ARM fixed term.

Step 3 - Add Extra Payments (Optional)

Choose whether you want to factor in additional principal, annual payments or one-time lump payments that could affect your monthly payments.

Step 4 - Adjustable Rates (Optional)

Choose whether you think rates will rise, fall or stay the same. Go ahead and predict the future!

Disclaimer, Terms, and Assumptions

The Low VA Rates VA Hybrid Simulator is a tool and is only as accurate as the data entered. The results provided by this calculator/simulation are for example only and are in no way a prediction of what will happen with your loan. This site is intended for educational purposes only and you are expected to weigh all possible outcomes before making a decision. Any rates entered on this calculator are for your education purposes only and are not guaranteed rates. Not everyone will qualify for the VA hybrid loan and additional closing costs may apply. Call and speak to a loan officer for rates and fees. VA hybrid loans have both a fixed rate feature and an adjustable rate feature. This is not a fixed rate loan and your rate can go up or down in the future. Past rate movements and volatility are not an indication of future rate movements and volatility.

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