Approved VA Realtor/VA Agent Page For VA Home Buyers

At Low VA Rates, we understand what it takes to help an individual not only qualify but find a house, too. Sometimes it’s like finding a needle in the haystack. Today, we are pleased to announce a business relationship with National Realty Network (NRN). At NRN, they hand-pick and qualify real estate agents across the nation who demonstrate an exceptional ability to find deals, negotiate pricing, and who treat our clients with the utmost care and respect they deserve. Their exclusive list of agents have already helped many of our clients, and we’re confident they will help you find the home you deserve at the price point you need.

National Realty Network can be contacted by calling 801.769.3582 or sending an email to:

Also feel free to also ask our specialized loan officers to connect you with them directly. We look forward to helping you along every step of the way that leads to your new home!

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