Nick Storey

Loan Officer - NMLS #570781

While working for other institutions, Nick Storey often found that many clients were unable to qualify to get the financial help they needed. He has seen that the average bank can turn down a potential borrower without a second look, but at Low VA Rates, this isn’t the case. There are no overlays or additional rules holding people back, and the amazing benefits that come with VA loans allow Nick Storey and other LOs at Low VA Rates to help so many veterans every day, and that’s what Nick loves about working here. The biggest way Nick helps veterans is by being their advocates. He works on their behalf to get them the money they need with the benefits they’re entitled to. Veterans have already given so much to us by protecting our freedoms, and Nick gives them help with their mortgages in return. Outside of work, Nick spends a lot of time outdoors with his family. Oftentimes he will follow his kids as they ride their bikes. He hates yoga but loves exploring new mountain trails he’s never hiked before. He feels like he knows himself better after he’s gotten familiar with the outdoors. He also loves spending time with family and having family gatherings, doing barbeques and other fun activities.

Attention Applicants

We need you to upload the following documents to us as soon as possible. Once you complete the application under my profile picture, please send me the following by using the contact form on this page:

  • Signed Authorization Form (download here)
  • Copy of your mortgage Note (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.
  • Copy of your home owners insurance declarations page. You may also just email me the contact number and name for your insurance agent.
  • Copy of each borrowers driver’s license. If your social security number is not listed on this ID then I will need your SS card(s)
  • Copy of your mortgage statement or online print out for the month. (Does not need to be the most recent, but that is preferred)
  • If a FL, NM, OH or TX property a copy of your property survey (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.
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