Nick Carnahan

Loan Officer - NMLS #1450873

Nick has always been a supporter of local business, and so it’s been exciting for him to see the company grow here in Utah. He really enjoys the environment and atmosphere present at Low VA Rates, and of course, working with veterans is always an honor for him. He really has a lot of respect for all the women and men who have served or who are still serving in the military today for their sacrifices. Nick notices how disciplined veterans are and is inspired by how grounded they are in what they want to accomplish in their lives. It’s great being able to give back to them, even in the small way of helping them save money on their mortgages. Outside of work, Nick tries to take advantage of his time and explore new activities. He especially likes hiking at high elevations and has hiked most of the mountain peaks surrounding the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. He has also hiked the highest peaks in 23 out of the 50 states in the U.S., so mountains are definitely his pastime passions.

Attention Applicants

We need you to upload the following documents to us as soon as possible. Once you complete the application under my profile picture, please send me the following by using the contact form on this page:

  • Signed Authorization Form (download here)
  • Copy of your mortgage Note (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.
  • Copy of your home owners insurance declarations page. You may also just email me the contact number and name for your insurance agent.
  • Copy of each borrowers driver’s license. If your social security number is not listed on this ID then I will need your SS card(s)
  • Copy of your mortgage statement or online print out for the month. (Does not need to be the most recent, but that is preferred)
  • If a FL, NM, OH or TX property a copy of your property survey (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.

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