Security Alarms for Military Home Owners

Unfortunately, not only has crime increased on military housing bases all over the U.S. but so too has the worry on one partner who is alone with the home and children while their marital partner is deployed.

Below are some links that will guide you to purchasing security alarms for military homeowners:

1. SecurityChoice has special packages for military housing. Their services include wireless keypad and motion detector. works in conjunction with Clark Pinnacle, which is part of a private partnership with the Army and Navy developed to plan housing units across the United States. You can reach Security Choice at 1-888-803-1938.

2. SimpliSafe  is a respected DIY (do-it-yourself) security system. features entry sensors for doors and windows, motion sensors, panic buttons and keychain remotes. They also offer Cellular Link to Emergency Dispatch. This means that should a burglar “cut” the phone lines, he or she is out of luck. Learn more about by calling 1-888-589-0848.

3. For other methods on DIY alarms, conduct a search on on “How to Wire an Intruder Alarm,” and find detailed instructions.

4. offers deep discounts and high technology including backup devices in case of power outages, wireless cameras, smartphone apps and more. They can be reached via phone here: 1-877-695-7211.

5. Gray Security offers two-way audio communications via your alarm system from anywhere in your home, among other services.

6. Whether you choose any of the above or select another security service, always ensure you take basic safety precautions above and beyond just having a security system. Be aware of your surroundings. Meet your neighbors and establish trust.