10 Non-Profits for Veterans You Should Consider in 2013

When it comes to choosing the right non-profit to donate to there are lots of things you may want to consider (though we certainly think you should limit your considerations to only non-profits that serve the military and veterans). The infographic below outlines 10 Veteran non-profits that we think you should take a look at in 2013. We did our best to provide details on each of them so you could consider where you might be able to donate your time or money this year. You’ll find that each has an awesome cause so maybe you’ll even feel compelled to choose several from the list!

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10 Non-Profits for Veterans That You Should Consider in 2013
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3 Responses to 10 Non-Profits for Veterans You Should Consider in 2013

  1. I was surprised to see Wounded Warrior Project listed #1. While they do spend significant amounts on programs, much of those entail public awareness and not grants to veterans. You may want to consider others such as Semper Fi Fund or Fisher House Foundation. See http://countingoncharity.blogspot.com/2012/11/helping-wounded-veterans.html for more details.

  2. Clyde Stanbery says:

    You should consider the American Legion. They give back 100% to the wounded veteran.

  3. WOW-
    not 1 group that specifically support WOMEN!- ouch!
    Please consider the F7 Group.

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